In this post, I am going to extensively talk about the useState react hook. Some of the other popular hooks are useEffect, useReducer, useRef, createContext, setContext and custom hooks.

useState hook returns an array with two values [state, function]

Before diving into useState , it is important that you understand…

I am about to share with you how I built a simple application to create data base, api calls, established a middleware and a front end to interact. All this from the scratch using a set of trending technologies.

React + Redux combo! [Also, MySql, NODE JS, Express JS, Webpack]

When I started this project, the first thing which I did…

When you are not sure if you fully understand all ES6 style of javascript coding and you suddenly bump into the following piece of code .

var word = [ “Hello”, “World”]; => word && “Hi”);


My reaction…

So, what did I notice!

Value of the word array…

payel royburman

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